Along with the “continuous training” programme of ASOVASNA, the V Conference on Clinical Update for MIR (Spanish Medical Residency Training) took place the past 20th of April.

During the event, the residents presented their clinical cases at the Yimby Sota Builiding in Bilbao.  In a singular space, we created different areas for networking and a catering area, where attendees shared their experiences and knowledge.

To finish, all the participants enjoyed dinner at Yandiola Restaurant.


One more year, Eventokia has participated in the organization and management of the Basque Country´s stand.

Among others, the events which Bilbao-Bizkaia will host this year were presented, as well as the 125th anniversary of the Bizkaia Bridge, the shopping tourism guide of San Sebastian, the Spain Izki Golf Challenge, the Pasaia Maritime Festival, the documentary "Camino Ignaciano" and "The Network of Museums of the Basque Coast.

The "Tierra Ignaciana" Project, which was selected as the winner of the EDEN prizes of the European Commission, has received the recognition award granted by Turespaña.

Eventokia organized last June at international level, the main event about Shock Waves Treatment in Donostia/San Sebastián, the ISMST 2017.

This international event, the most important related to Shock Waves, brought together last June around 500 people from 45 different countries of the five continents. It has been a real pleasure to host this event about lastest medical advances, where we also took the opportunity to show them the best experiences in the Basque Country.


Eventokia organized the event about Road Safety from the Traffic Department of the Basque Country which was hosted at the Historic Archive of the Basque Country in Bilbao.




Eventokia has been the Technical Organization of the 27th RESER Congress (The European Association for Research on Services) which was promoted by the University of Mondragon and Bilbao City Hall. The Congress was held in the Euskalduna Conference Centre and brought together professionals in the research area and companies all around Europe to analyze the role services have in the creation of competitiveness in companies and cities.

During the event, the leadership of Bilbao in the advanced services development for industrial companies was reinforced and the most important projects about servitization in the Basque Country were presented.